More To Macron Than Ideological Ambiguity

Article first published on Social Europe

When asked where he stands on the left-right axis, Emmanuel Macron gives a long answer along these lines: “I come from the left, but I don’t believe the left-right divide is the right one today. Look at how both the left and the right are divided, and how primaries have reinforced radicals from each side. Look at the number of issues on which there is a left-right consensus. I believe in another axis, which matters more today: the opposition between progressives and conservatives.”

This ambiguous positioning has earned Macron a lot of mockery. As the old joke on the French left goes, when someone claims to be neither left nor right, then he/she is right-wing. Opponents from either side of the political spectrum accuse him of being a classic liberal centrist, sharing common features with ex-president Valéry Giscard D’Estaing. The recent alliance formed with historic centrist figure François Bayrou only validates their assumption. Continue reading “More To Macron Than Ideological Ambiguity”

Can Hollande reform France’s social policies?

Interview on Share Radio on 21 October on François Hollande’s economic reforms and political prospects ahead of the 2017 elections. Incudes discussion on the priority given to restoring firms’ competitiveness and the French government’s use of social dialogue as a reforming tool.

The interview is also available here.