Le “Passage à l’Europe”, de Luuk van Middelaar

Passage a leuropeThis article was first published by Policy Network.

As the EU faces its most serious economic and political test ever, Luuk Van Middelaar’s fascinating account asks us to reconsider the forces that underpin the European Union, hold it together and drive it forward

Yet another history of the EU? Yes, but Luuk Van Middelaar’s Passage to Europe contains strikingly little jargon and looks at the continent’s history through a long-term lens. This helps a great deal to make better sense of what has happened in the last 60 years. The author is a Dutch historian and political philosopher and has been working at the European Council as Herman Van Rompuy’s speechwriter since 2010. He is the author of the much acclaimed Stockholm lecture when the EU was granted the Nobel Price for Peace. The Passage was first published in 2009 in Dutch, to much acclaim, and its recent translation into English only does it justice. Continue reading “Le “Passage à l’Europe”, de Luuk van Middelaar”